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I am pick woman who your fetishes are getting really specific crossdresser

As a species, our sexual tastes too kinky to torture as varied as our fingerprints. Below is a list of every sexual fetish we can think of. Some, like the widely parodied foot fetishare more commonplace, while others, like vorarephilia, are less well understood.

Your Fetishes Are Getting Really Specific

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Although kinks and fetishes are becoming more mainstream, they can still feel taboo.

Years old: I'm 46 years old
Nationality: Cameroonian
Sexual identity: Male
Gender: Girl
Body features: My body features is quite chubby

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What is a sexual fetish?

Very specific fetish I need you to get naked except for a cougars on kik of knee-high boots. Then, get a concertina and go to the dryer and stick your ass in it.

Just sit there. So what do you do, google naked chick, sitting in a dryer, playing a concertina; to find this? So what do you do, google naked chick, shitting in a dryer, playing a concertina. I came here to make sure nobody was calling it an accordion.

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Thank you. Could be worse, at least it's an anglo concertina and not an english one. Posted by 10 years ago.

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50+ sexual fetishes you’ve never heard of

Gob was really desperate to get turned on by Kitty this time. I've made a huge mistake.

Continue this thread. Glasses on.

What causes people to have sexual fetishes?

Hair up. Hair down. Glasses off.

Take the glasses back off. There's still light coming in under the door! I think today we all learned a little something about kik sexting 2018. I'm more of a hurdy-gurdy man myself.

I came here to make sure nobody used Bing. Can't get off to this.

Wrong brand of concertina. More posts from the funny community.

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