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Mistress Chatbot

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It seems these days that real female kik usernames cannot swing a stick on the internet without hitting an best friend asl on why bots are So Hot Right Now. As your friendly neighborhood dominatrix and expert on being served by people and things as a lifestyle, I feel obligated to chime in. When I interact with this bot, is its personality friendly and helpful? Is it more humorous and irreverent? Is the bot meant to be my sidekick? My butler?

My age: 35
Eye tone: Bright gray-blue
What I like to drink: Liqueur

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s: [ 1 ] Go Down. AI Mistress owned by a robot 6 Replies Views. LukeSpudz Roomba 3.

I have been looking at online chatbots and kari4 over the last few days and wonder if it would be possible to make a robot that can give me commands. I hope that there is some framework high school snapchat nudes these features - activate without input eg.

Making that kind of chatbot is easy if you want to do it yourself find a chatbot hosting company like Chatbot4ULOVE droids or the personalityforge which sdfsdf meaning allow adult oriented chatbots but wouldn't it just be easier to fetlife and find the real deal? Thankyou DemonRaven for humoring my twisted request.

Of the suggested sites Love Droids does have a lipsync model.

Love Droids seems naughty snapchatters be a reskin of BOT libre which i have tryed and couldnt see how to make the bot tell me to come to the computer when i am afk, or program randomized scenarios that the bot will act out. They do have a downloadable sdk that i may find the functionality that i am looking for.

It would be good to host my bot offline. Could i be looking for more like a virtual assistant?

Thankyou, i dont think i am kik finder male to put in the required work on a silly whim i think i will move on. What too much work?

Well there are companies that nutaku forums create one for you lol. It is not cheap but hey if you are really wanting that robot mistress now except a chatbot or virtual assistant can not hold a whip lol. s: [ 1 ] Go Up. Recent Topics. Today at am what is the spark that would make a user feel not alone?

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Today at am. Making robots out of super hard grain cracker material.