Students Discover Their Inner Leader

The 2018-19 executive board members have helped make the new NSLS chapter one of the largest student organizations at Northwood.

The 2018-19 executive board members have helped make the new NSLS chapter one of the largest student organizations at Northwood.

Northwood students find more than classes enrich their lives on campus. With 50 registered student organizations at the University, the extracurricular choices meet a variety of interests. Now students who want to actively develop their leadership skills have a new-to- Northwood organization designed just for that: the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS).

As the largest leadership honor society in the U.S., NSLS has more than 950,000 members nationwide. NSLS focuses on helping students discover and achieve their goals. The organization also emphasizes the vital connection between leadership and becoming a force for good within a community. NSLS’ mission aligns closely with many of Northwood’s own values.

“I really like the way that NSLS shows students that being a leader is more than being the boss. It teaches them that everyone can be a leader every day as they make decisions that influence others,” said Northwood Career Advancement and Internship coordinator Deborah Schummer. “Through NSLS, students look inward to learn about their natural leadership styles and look outward to discover how they can be a positive influence on others.”

Faculty advisor Schummer and several students launched the NSLS chapter at Northwood in the fall of 2017, with chapter induction in May 2018. In the short amount of time since, student enthusiasm for the organization has been tremendous, making it one of the largest student organizations on campus with 147 members.

“NSLS membership is open to a greater number of kids than many honor societies where membership is tied to high grade point averages. This inclusiveness allows more of our students to use NSLS’ fantastic tools to discover their own natural leadership styles and voices. Best of all, this knowledge is something they will use for the rest of their lives both professionally and personally,” said Schummer.

“NSLS has helped me gain confidence in myself as a leader. Through the development process, I established a vision of who I want to be and how I can make a difference in causes that are greater than myself,” said Matt Hunyady (’19), Northwood’s NSLS chapter executive board secretary and membership outreach chair. “I’ve learned through NSLS that effective leaders generate enthusiasm and inspire others in everything they do.”

NSLS Membership Process

Joining NSLS is just the first step to becoming an inducted member. For students to gain a deeper knowledge of their leadership styles, they must successfully complete the organization’s five-step process. This 12-hour process requires students to actively engage as they attend NSLS orientation, Leadership Training Day, three speaker broadcasts, and three Success Networking Team meetings. Then they are ready for NSLS induction, the final step.

For more information about the organization, visit the NSLS website at The current executive board of the Northwood chapter also welcomes inquiries at