Student Recruitment in Style

Members of the fall 2018 Project 100 winner, the Aftermarket Club, gathered around the 1989 BMW E30 they bought.

Members of the fall 2018 Project 100 winner, the Aftermarket Club, gathered around the 1989 BMW E30 they bought.

November 7, 2018, was a big day for the Northwood University Aftermarket Club.

Nerves were high as they pitched – for the second time – a Project 100 proposal for a project car. This was soon followed by great excitement when a live and online audience of alumni donors voted the club as the winner.

Aftermarket Club Using Project 100 Grant to Get Some Wheels

The Alumni Leadership Council started Alumni Project 100 to connect alumni to current students with big ideas. The 100 alumni members of Project 100 donate $100 each semester, totaling $10,000. At the end of the semester the $10,000 is awarded to a student group.

The Aftermarket Club will use the $10,000 grant to enrich the Automotive Aftermarket Management program and provide the University with a fitting recruitment tool – a car. In December 2018 they purchased a 1989 BMW E30 that they will modify to look like a race car and use as a rolling advertisement for Northwood.

“We realized that while the Aftermarket program at Northwood is great and provides students with knowledge of the business side of the industry, there is currently no hands-on element to the program,” said Collin Mikottis, Automotive Aftermarket Management major and marketing chair of the Aftermarket Club. “We thought a project car would be a perfect tool to not only enrich and complement classroom learning but also promote Northwood and the Aftermarket program.”

The group will work with local automotive companies and alumni to restore the car, replace the wheels and tires, change the interior, install aftermarket performance parts, paint it “Northwood blue,” and finally, add the number 59 to represent the year Northwood was founded.

Advisor of the Northwood University Alumni Leadership Council, Julie Adamczyk, said these are exactly the kinds of proposals that the Project 100 members want to see.

“I encourage students to dream big and think big. Think about the impact you can make on student life on campus. Project 100 is a great experience, and you can leave your mark by winning.”

Become a Founding Member

“We started Project 100 because there are a lot of young alumni that want to give back, but don’t have a lot to give and don’t want to give it blindly. With Project 100, they give $100 per semester and they can see their money in action.” – Julie Adamczyk, Advisor, Alumni Leadership Council

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