Students Shake Hands with Job Opportunities

Handshake 1080p Display.jpg

Northwood students and alumni have a powerful new tool to help them find jobs. It’s called Handshake, and it’s a sophisticated online platform that matches employers and qualified students. 

Like the name implies, Handshake offers a way to meet and make a first impression. Students and employees worldwide love its state-of-the-art technology, and vast opportunities for students, career centers, and recruiters to come together to meet, talk, and share job prospects.

Think of it as a one-stop platform for students and job recruiters.
— Deborah Schummer, Northwood Career Advancement & Internship Coordinator. 

Students and alumni will notice several features:

The ability to brand themselves through background information, images, and social media connections

  • A larger pool of potential employers and jobs
  • Analysis that narrows those larger pools down to opportunities with high likelihood of success
  • A mobile app
  • Customized notifications, such as when new jobs are posted or a followed employer takes action
  • The ability to rate potential employers after interactions
  • The ability to see potential employers’ aggregated ratings
A recruiter can easily choose to post a job specifically seeking Northwood students or alumni, but also has the option to post at lots of schools, rather than having to seek out each school individually.
— Greg Stiffler, Director of Career Advancement

Handshake is free to students and alumni. Anyone who was enrolled in at least one Northwood course during fall of 2016 or later already has a Handshake profile. Alumni can request a profile at 

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