Alums Share Their Passion on Northwood Board

The Northwood University Board of Trustees recently added two new members, both alums, which means alumni now make up a majority of the Board’s membership for the first time ever.

Jason brickl

Jason brickl

Gary L. Short

Gary L. Short

“I think that speaks volumes about the university, and the leadership it has produced, all over the world,” said Jason Brickl (’95), one of the two new trustees. “Our board is made up of some very talented people. I am blown away by the quality of leadership. With a board like this, Northwood is in tremendous hands.”

Brickl is chairman and CEO of Ballweg Automotive Companies, which consists of six automobile dealerships in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Missouri. He said he is excited about the opportunity to help guide his alma mater.

“I’m looking forward to taking in the first few meetings and listening and learning,” Brickl said.

The same goes for Gary L. Short (’89). Short came away from his first meeting impressed by the quality of the members, and also by the way they work together.

“I’m especially excited to be on the Academic Committee, because that’s where the rubber hits the road,” he said.

Short knows plenty about rubber hitting the road, as co-owner of Go-To Transport Inc., a Bay City-based company that provides transportation, logistics, and warehousing services to clients across the country. Short started in the family business right out of Northwood, and he credits his education for a big part of his success.

“Northwood taught me to not take no for an answer, to find a way to make a deal work,” Short said. “I always like to find the customer’s biggest pain point, then solve it. Northwood also taught me to keep my options open and to work hard.”

The Board of Trustees leverages tremendous vision and understanding of the modern business world to set a course for Northwood University that leads to excellence.
— Keith Pretty, Northwood President and CEO

Current Northwood Board of Trustees

Albert F. Zehnder, chair

Jennifer M. Panning, vice chair ('92)

Phillip D. Brady

Jason R. Brickl ('95)

Daniel G. DeVos ('80)

James C. Fabiano II

Richard J. Garber ('78)

Mary Ellen George-Hess ('80)

Mauro Gregorio ('99 M.B.A.)

Robert J. Grubb ('80)

Rick Gurlinger ('11 M.B.A.)

Ken Lingenfelter

Steve Madincea ('82)

James Massie ('80)

Edward J. McBrien ('81)

James Mestdagh ('87)

William A. Parlberg ('79)
and ('00 M.B.A.)

Gary Short ('89)

Maureen L. Smith

Noelle M. Walsh

Graham Williams

Rob Wilson ('05) and ('06 M.B.A.)