In Memoriam - Macauley 'Mac' Whiting, Longtime Friend


Macauley ‘Mac’ Whiting was proud to support Northwood University from the very beginning and throughout the university’s development. He passed away in September and is gratefully remembered for helping pave the way for Northwood’s growth and prominence as a premier business university. Mac moved to Midland in the 1940s after graduating from Yale University and marrying Helen Dow, granddaughter of Herbert Henry Dow. He worked for Dow Chemical for 31 years, where he held several positions including general manager of the Michigan Division and president of Dow International. He also served as a member of its board of directors. He spentmuch of his time involved with local civic and charitable organizations. In addition, he was co-founder of the Macauley and Helen Dow Whiting Foundation.

Mac became involved in Northwood soon after its founding in 1959 and felt a deep connection to the school. His interest was more than academic as he became an unfailing friend and supporter. He valued Northwood’s approach to business education and the focus on the entrepreneurial spirit. And he believed in the success of founders, Dr. Arthur E. Turner and Dr. R. Gary Stauffer, along with their “Northwood Idea.”

“Mac and Helen were wonderful supporters of the school. But it was their friendship that really meant so much to us. They were family,” recalled Willa Stauffer, wife of NU co-founder Gary Stauffer. “Mac had a great sense of humor and a kind manner that made our time together a lot of fun as we worked to help Northwood grow.”

With his wife, Mac donated much of his time and resources to Northwood. The Whitings gifted a historically important property to the school in 1966 that became part of Northwood’s Indiana campus. Mac was a vibrant member of the board of trustees for 40 years. He also served on the board for the Margaret Chase Smith Library that Northwood operated in Skowhegan, Maine.

Northwood truly appreciates the impact Mac made to Northwood and treasures his many contributions. Whiting Drive was named in recognition of Mac and Helen’s generosity and dedication to Northwood for more than 50 years.

“Mac did a lot for Northwood quietly. He didn’t need attention, he just cared about the school and all of the people involved. He was an effective leader who helped Gary and Arthur make their new idea for business education a reality. Mac was an inspiration for all of us,” Stauffer said.

Mac’s quiet intelligence, thoughtfulness, and experience significantly benefited Northwood and our students. His positive energy and gentlemanly guidance will be greatly missed.