Auto Show, China Style


Header caption: About 70 vehicles are displayed around the athletic field on the campus of Jilin University – Lambton College in Changchun, China, for the 2017 auto show.

What happens when you take one of the most successful outdoor auto shows in North America and replicate it on another continent? A second, wildly successful event in China that mimics all the best of the Northwood University International Auto Show (NUIAS).

Northwood University International Program Center at Jilin University – Lambton College (JLU) recently hosted its eighth Changchun Auto Show Sept., 25, 2017, at the campus athletic field.

“It’s smaller in scale than the auto show in Midland, but the sprit is the same,” said Mamiko Reeves, Northwood assistant vice president and dean of International Programs. “It is run by students. Students contact the dealers, work on the displays, and work with faculty members who are there to support them.”

The show, which featured about 70 vehicles, was in keeping with the character of the JLU program, kicking off with a performance of Chinese drumming. It also included a fashion show, as well as a talent show that served as a welcome event for the year’s incoming class of new students.

“The students’ hope is to make the auto show bigger and more well known, and get even more support and collaboration from the auto industry,” Reeves said. “Northwood students in JLU are hired very quickly by the industry. The auto show is a great way for them to demonstrate their learning.