Gallery Returns to its Downtown Anchor Location


For roughly four decades, The Northwood University Gallery has provided Midland with a place to experience the expressive works of talented artists. The Gallery is a retail operation specializing in decorative art, jewelry, home accessories, and gifts. It serves as an extension into the community of the Northwood Idea, especially the belief that an understanding and appreciation of the arts and humanities is a primary source of human enrichment in the lives of productive human beings.

Meanwhile, downtown Midland continues to grow and thrive, with new businesses, activities, and energy. A key part of that momentum is the renovation of the H Residence hotel, which played a role in the location of Northwood Gallery.

The Gallery has actually had several homes through the years. Opened in 1978, the Gallery was part of the Town & Campus project, a women’s organization in Midland that connects the community to Northwood. In 2000, the Gallery relocated to its own space donated by the Midland Area Community Foundation, at the corner of Ashman and Main streets. In 2014, it moved yet again, making way for the H Residence renovation. In April of 2017, the Gallery returned to its Ashman and Main location, within the renovated H Residence.

The new location features bright colors and geometric shapes that pay tribute to renowned Midland architect Alden B. Dow.

“The main goal of moving the Northwood Gallery to Ashman and Main in 2000 was to beautify downtown and encourage all other businesses to refurbish their facades,” said Dr. Mia Dvornic, the Gallery’s director and curator. “Moving the Gallery back to its original location continues our efforts to bring the community together through art and business.”

Now on display at the Gallery is the exhibit “III Voices: The Art of Photography,” which features the work of local artists Preston Jones, Stephen K. Grewe, and Armin Mersmann. The exhibit is open to the public six days a week.