Celebrating Family Loyalty with the Northwood Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship


A Northwood degree comes with an added bonus that many alumni may not know about: a scholarship designed especially for their eligible NU legacy-student children. The Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship was created in 2010 to recognize academic achievement and leadership potential in the children of our alumni who choose Northwood University.

Northwood is fortunate to have alumni who have passed on their enthusiasm for their alma mater and “The Northwood Idea” to their children. We celebrate this special relationship by offering financial support to kids whose love of Northwood was ignited by their parents.

“We are proud that our alumni share their love of the university and their belief in the value of a Northwood education with their children,” said Carmen Mittler, Northwood’s director of Annual Giving. “Through the Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship, we honor the loyalty of multigenerational Northwood families by investing in their students’ potential during their NU careers.”

A Parent Alumnus

Craig Smith, ’81, is an entrepreneur and dealer operator of Craig Smith Auto Group and Craig Smith RV Center in Ohio. The years he spent at Northwood prepared him for his successful career and also shaped his belief in the importance of a free enterprise system. His son Brent started at Northwood a year into the ’08 economic downturn, which hit the auto industry especially hard. The Alumni Legacy scholarship that Brent received lightened the family’s financial burden during an incredibly challenging time. Now Craig and his wife, Ginger, are happy to give back to help other students attend Northwood.

“Every day of my life I use something I learned in college, from accounting to writing. So I was very happy when Brent chose Northwood. Now that he’s graduated, I can say that he gained knowledge and skills, especially how to think critically and to do so with empathy, that will contribute to his future success. Northwood has made a big difference in both of our lives. And I’m equally excited that our younger son, Alex, is starting at NU this fall,” said Craig.

A Recipient (and Alumnus!)

Brent Smith, ’13, general manager of Craig Smith RV Center, had his heart set on Northwood from the time he was in middle school. His choice may have seemed like a “natural,” given that his dad is an alumnus. However, it was also an excellent choice for his career. Brent’s Northwood education helped him learn about the multifaceted automotive business. And the connections he made at school have helped him build his industry knowledge and support base as he builds his future.

“I was thrilled that I could follow in my dad’s Northwood footsteps. He has always been a mentor and role model for me. When I started at the school, I found a new source of support: For the first time, I was around other kids who were as passionate about the automotive industry as I was. I wish more kids could attend the university, because it offers such a focused and relevant business education. The scholarship definitely helped me, and I’m glad it’s available for other kids of alumni.”

Quick Facts about the Northwood Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship

  • Available to eligible dependents of degreed alumni
  • Funded by private donations and events such as the Annual Northwood Scholarship Golf Outing and Northwood Auto Show Gala
  • Awarded to students based on demonstrated financial need and academic merit

For more information or to donate to the Northwood Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship, please contact Sherri Riepma, Private Donor Scholarship coordinator, 989-837-4146 or riepmas@northwood.edu.