Northwood Champion - Remembering Jack Hohman


Unlike some people connected to Northwood, Jack Hohman didn’t grow up in the automotive industry. But he learned to love it throughout his life, starting with his successful career at Monroe Auto Equipment Co. and continuing in his many business endeavors. Although he graduated from Hillsdale College and appreciated his alma mater, it was Northwood University and the people there that captured Jack’s imagination and, ultimately, his heart. When he passed away last year, he was a leader in the auto industry, a trailblazer in the business world, and a steadfast advocate for Northwood and the “Northwood Idea.”

“Jack was a people person. And I think the family we found at Northwood was what he loved best about the school. Many of the administration and professors, even some of the students, have become dear friends over the years,” said Jack’s wife, Marge Hohman. “We enjoyed staying connected both in Michigan and Florida.”

The list of Jack’s accomplishments, both professionally and as a friend of Northwood, is long and distinguished. Some of his Northwood highlights include helping establish the school’s bachelor’s degree in Automotive Aftermarket Management, becoming a member (the longest-serving in NU history) and chairman of the Northwood Board of Trustees, and co-chairing Northwood’s National Women’s Board and Friends with his wife.

Equally important to Jack was supporting Northwood students in a more direct manner. In 2001, he and Marge established the John A. and Marjorie Hohman Endowed Scholarship to help students pursue degrees in the Entertainment, Sport, & Promotion Management (ESPM) curriculum.

“At the time we decided to create the scholarship, the ESPM curriculum was brand new. We were happy to put our support where it was most needed at the time,” Marge remembered. “Now it’s an amazing program that prepares students for a wide field of careers. And it’s exciting to see so many young women in the program. Our hope has always been that the scholarship recipients find happiness and fulfillment in their lives and careers.”

Jack leaves behind a university that is more robust and more dynamic because of his vision, loyalty, and dedication.