New Chairman Meets New Presidential Administration


After a year serving as NADA 2016 vice chairman, Scarpelli was elected as chairman in January – about the same time that a new U.S. president was inaugurated. Establishing a constructive relationship with the Trump administration is a top priority for Scarpelli and NADA. Scarpelli is working to ensure that the president’s administration and Congress understand the economic importance of U.S. automotive dealerships. These businesses employ 1.2 million people, providing well-paying jobs and opportunities for career growth. In fact, they are often the largest employers and tax bases in their towns. Car and truck dealerships epitomize neighborhood businesses that not only positively impact their communities but also play a significant role in the country’s economy as a whole.

“I want to make sure that U.S. policy-makers see the whole picture. That they really understand the full ramifications of decisions that affect the auto industry,” said Scarpelli. “Our goal is to bring clarity and common sense to policy so that vehicles remain affordable for consumers and dealerships can better serve their customers.”

As Scarpelli begins his chairmanship, he is optimistic about the future of the auto industry and looks forward to continuing NADA’s 100-year tradition of representing the interests of new car and truck dealerships.

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