Game Changer - North Village Offers New Apartment Living


Excitement is building as work continues on North Village, Northwood’s first new student housing complex built in more than 30 years. The apartments are on track to open to 162 residents in August. The structure features 59 units — 24 four-bedroom apartments, 31 two-bedroom and four with one-bedroom. With the addition of North Village, the Midland campus will house about 900 students.

The wood-sided exterior is no accident of design. Students in focus groups identified Northwood’s “woodsy, beautiful campus” as an important part of its identity.

“It does play a big role in what we ultimately decided on the exterior,” Cripe said. “We’re trying to preserve as many trees around it as possible so it does feel like it’s in the woods. Our students definitely identify with that, and we want to stay true to that.”

“Our entire housing stock needed TLC,” Cripe said. “Throw in (that) there is this beautiful new jewel of North Village, where 162 students will be living this fall … there is a definite buzz.”

“I can’t wait to have this open so our students can experience it, because it’s going to be a game changer,” said Andy Cripe, dean of Student Affairs.