Taking Things to the Next Level


Northwood Launches Master’s Programs for People Who Want to Get Ahead

The essence of entrepreneurship is identifying a need and finding a way to meet it. So Northwood is practicing what it teaches as it launches four new master’s degree programs, meeting a need for post-bachelor’s education in several growing business disciplines.

Northwood now offers Master of Science degrees in accounting, applied economics, finance and taxation. Classes began in August at Northwood’s campus in Troy, providing a needed opportunity for people in the Detroit metro area to improve their skills and boost their careers.

“It’s all part of our free-market philosophy,” said Dr. Kristin Stehouwer, Northwood’s executive vice president, chief operating officer and chief academic officer.“We identified an unmet demand in southeast Michigan for working professionals to upgrade and specialize their skills."

The Master of Science (MS) degree can also be a productive next step immediately after earning a bachelor’s degree, offering advanced skills that give graduates a leg up at the beginning of the career track.

“It’s critical to provide a combination of academic and practical knowledge. Both are very important when you’re working out in the real world,” said Dr. John Moore, faculty leader for the MS programs and associate dean of Northwood’s DeVos Graduate School. “Our curriculum is designed in an innovative way to allow professionals to build a wide range of business skills.”

Enhancing the effectiveness of that curriculum is a top-notch faculty team.

“We have highly credentialed faculty members who combine quality teaching with street credibility. Their extensive experience at the management and professional levels prepares our graduates to immediately apply what they learn in their everyday jobs,” Moore said.

And the Troy campus, where Northwood also offers degree completion and MBA classes, is a modern, high-tech environment with a corporate atmosphere.

An important factor in the need for the Northwood master’s programs is the reality that today’s employees must take responsibility for their own professional growth, even midcareer.

“Many businesses used to have extensive in-house training resources, but that isn’t the case anymore,” Moore said. “The idea of someone working for one company for 30 years and going out with a nice retirement party is just not the norm. A typical career is going to have multiple stops. So organizations can’t dedicate the resources to training when many of those people will be gone in a few years.”

Companies do, on the other hand, provide higher pay and career advancement to employees with the enhanced skills that make them high performers. And that’s what Northwood master’s degrees offer.