Faculty Briefs


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Nicholas Hamilton (’02) is assistant professor and department chair of Hospitality Management, Michigan campus. When he began his teaching career at Northwood in 2015, he built on what he liked most about working as a hotel manager for 11 years: teaching and training. He recently highlighted Northwood’s many HM education opportunities as he hosted Bay Arenac ISD high school students who were interested in the culinary arts. In addition to teaching, he is an advisor for the annual Stafford Memorial Dinner that will be held in February. The evening is completely planned and run by students, giving them the opportunity to put their classroom learning to work at an important University event.

“I hope I can inspire students to create their own vision of success and pursue their dreams. I also want them to understand that this huge global industry requires hard work and dedication, as well as education. Many people don’t realize that the HM industry fits Northwood’s philosophy perfectly because it encourages and grows stronger with free enterprise and entrepreneurship


Margaret “Peggy” Keiper, Ph.D., assistant professor and Entertainment, Sport & Promotion Management department chair, started at the Michigan campus in 2015. She is extremely active in the Sport and Entertainment industries, including publishing more than 30 peer-reviewed articles and receiving several professional and academic awards. In addition, she has earned a Ph.D., an MBA, and three undergraduate degrees. But she is most proud of the fact that a majority of Northwood’s ESPM students get jobs in the industry after they graduate.

“I truly love teaching and working with college students. Seeing students figure out what they are passionate about and then witnessing them turning their passion into a career is a marvelous process. I believe that individual responsibility and integrity are important foundations for our students as they venture into the highly competitive sport and entertainment industries. I definitely hold them to a high standard but that is because I care about them as individuals and want to see their outstanding talents and spectacular ideas come to life.”


faculty_photo3David Sanford, associate professor and department chair of Management Information Systems, is working on his doctoral degree in Information Technology at Capella University. As an A.B.D. (all but dissertation) graduate student, he is researching and writing his dissertation on the correlation between employer expectations of smartphone usage during off-hours and the stress levels of information technology workers. He also holds an MA degree in Organization Leadership and Administration and one in Communication and Multimedia.

“I take a vested interest in my students’ learning. I want them to leave my class with valuable information and skills. I love the ‘aha moments’ when students’ faces light up as they begin to understand a difficult problem or concept. As department chair, I want to provide Northwood MIS majors with a relevant curriculum so they have the most current knowledge that employers want.”