Targeted Giving: Project 100 Empowers Individuals


There’s a new way for alumni to make an impact at Northwood University.

It’s called Project 100 and it’s a novel way for graduates to direct their giving to specific programs and initiatives on campus.

The concept is simple: 100 graduates donate $100 for a total giving amount of $10,000 per semester.

Rather than simply making a donation, as with traditional philanthropic giving, Project 100 members decide how the funds are spent. They make their choices based on student and faculty “pitches,” or funding requests, that cover a range of needs. A guest speaker … software for a student club … equipment for an event. Anything goes for the requests, as long as they are for Northwood-approved groups and needs.

“So many alumni want to be engaged with the university,” said Julie Adamczyk, executive director of Alumni Relations. “Project 100 gives them something to physically participate in and know they are making a bigger difference.”

Dan Waskiewicz, (’11) is part of the University’s Leadership Council. The Leadership Council reviews Project 100 proposals and selects finalists for live presentations. Dan said he likes the way the program supports the Northwood community and connects with alumni.

“My greatest hope for the program is that it will bring alumni closer to the university, and mainly the students, in a giving capacity,” Waskiewicz said. “It’s great to donate on a more personal scale, and Project 100 makes that possible, allowing alumni to directly impact a specific initiative.”

Project 100 members participate in two giving cycles each year, donating a total of $200 annually. Donors who commit $600 are named Founding Members and receive an engraved brick in Recognition Park, an area at the heart of the Midland campus that highlights donor names.

“Give it a few years of targetedgiving_photo2continued interest and growth from student groups and accomplished alumni, and who knows, maybe we’ll be taking on projects in the millions!”

You can be one of the founding members and join today by visiting alumni and clicking on the NU Project 100 link. We anticipate the first $10,000 will be granted in the spring of 2017.