Creating Stronger Ties Today’s uber-connected professionals rely heavily on networking for their career connections, many of which occur online. Now Northwood students, alumni, and faculty have a new e-resource, NU BlueLink, for creating stronger career ties.


NUBlueLink_WebPages_v2_72dpiNU BlueLink is an online platform that provides a rich private networking experience. The fully customizable resource gives users the option to interact easily and conveniently using familiar social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, which are already loaded with relevant data.

“NU BlueLink successfully renews connections, builds relationships, and continues lifelong learning,” according to Deborah Schummer, Career Advancement and Internship coordinator in the Northwood University Career Advancement Department. “Industry has moved in the direction of online networking, and it’s important that our students and alumni can experience the same benefits of our connected world.”

Faculty members are finding its flexibility and ease of use equally valuable. “NU BlueLink offers a platform for alumni and current students to interact by breaking through the clutter of typical social networking tools,” said Brian Finnerty (’06), of Ford Motor Company.

“Through the NU BlueLink system, I have been able to communicate with students about our hiring process, career opportunities, and career advancement. It feels good to be able to give back to the University, just as others did when I was graduating.”