Restoring the American Dream


The Campaign for Northwood University, concluded December 31, 2014, was the most successful fundraising campaign in the University’s history.

Through the generosity of more than 13,000 alumni and friends, almost $73,000,000 has been given to Northwood University. These funds are enhancing the educational experience for students and strengthen the university for the long term. Support for scholarships, facilities, program and endowment have provided opportunities for ambitious men and women to pursuit their dreams--The American Dream.

Students are the heart of Northwood University. This campaign is giving them the funding to reach higher and become tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Northwood educates the free enterprisers who will employ and lead profitable endeavors that will produce the prosperity for the country. Thousands of contributors, volunteers and advocates made this effort a reality. Thank you for believing in the power of education, free enterprise, ambition and commitment to the students being served.

Scholarships mean an opportunity to achieve the dream of obtaining a degree from Northwood. Nearly $22,500,000 has been given to build annual, endowed scholarships and endowed professorships. Over 80% of Northwood students receive some assistance to attend the university. These scholarships will provide needed funds so ambitious men and women will be the leaders of a global free enterprise society.

Facilities are the place where education takes place; in the classroom, the lecture hall, the athletic field, library or dorm room. It is where students come together to discuss ideas, share dreams for the future, are challenged by faculty and form their view of the world.

Over $24,600,000 has provided needed funds for facilities including:

  • A New Gateway
  • New DeVos Student Development Center
  • Helen Gerace Auditorium
  • Carl A. Gerstacker Academic Center
  • Griswold Dining Hall
  • Tennis Courts
  • Field house bathrooms
  • Strosacker Athletic Training Center
  • New Weight room and Training facility
  • Renovated Bennett Sports Complex
  • New Graduate School


Enhancing the student experience through programs such as internships, experiential learning including the auto show, and fashion show give students the real world experience to excel in their career. $25,600,000 has been donated to assist Northwood university students to make a difference in the world.

The Campaign for Northwood University is a milestone and is transforming our future. 

Enhancing the Student Experience Annual Scholarships and Program Support-Current Funding

Over $25,000,000 has been contributed to program support students. These programs and learning activities make the educational experience come to life for students at Northwood. An educational tradition at Northwood University is learning through real life experience. The support given means more students are participating in activities that make them better prepared to step into the work force and make a difference for their employers and community. Students at Northwood University are encouraged to take leadership roles in educational activities such as auto show, fashion show, Stafford dinner, semester abroad learning opportunities, varsity and intramural sports, guest speakers and many more. All of these activities provide a way to connect to each other, the faculty and the community. Not only do students become friends, spouses and business partners, they become advocates of free enterprise. They have learned “The Northwood Idea” the uniting elements of all alumni. The Northwood Code of Ethics is derived from the Northwood Idea. These code emphases: Freedom, Respect, Empathy, Spirituality, Honesty, Achievement, Integrity, and Responsibility. These are taught in the classroom and become the foundation of the student’s life.

Building a Strong Future

Over $20,200,000 has been given in support of endowment for Northwood University.

Building the endowment is creating a strong future for the students we serve today and into the future. A growing endowment is critical to sustaining the Northwood educational philosophy.

It is the University’s financial foundation and a permanent source of funds. However, the reach of the endowment goes beyond the dollars it generates. An increased endowment means the educational message of self-determination, individual responsibility and free enterprise will always be a part of the national landscape. New gifts to the endowment strengthen the educational experience by increasing the resources for scholarships and professorships. Alumni and friends gave cash to build the endowment as well as providing for the university through their estate. We are profoundly grateful to those individuals who understand and appreciate the importance a strong endowment can make.


Scholarships are a critical component for student success at Northwood University. The campaign raised $9,748,545 in annual scholarships and $9,870,869 for endowed scholarships. Nearly $20 million in new scholarship funds were raised to help young men and women receive a Northwood University education.

The new scholarships are important to offering competitive financial packages to attract new students, providing support to retain students, and creating incentives to attract the best and brightest students. Most importantly, scholarships are an investment in “The Northwood Idea” and educate future leaders who will staunchly defend free enterprise.

The support provided by this campaign means we will continue to graduate more entrepreneurs than our peers. More than 30% of our graduates go on to own all or part of their business – imagine where that number may be in the future as a result of this and other campaigns.

Of the students who come to Northwood, about two-thirds have financial needs that aren’t completely met. And, of course, students end up not coming here because of a lack of funds for scholarships. The generosity demonstrated through this campaign assures the dream of a Northwood education is available to all individuals, establishes a support system for deserving young men and women, and serves as tangible reinforcement to all parties that a Northwood business education is the best choice.


Northwood University enrolls more than 6,000 students annually, hosts students from more than 70 countries, proudly claims more than 50,000 alumni in more than 100 countries, and impressively enables their learning each and every day.

A global and modern education at Northwood University requires more than classroom space, faculty and books. Today’s students must be comfortable with modern technology, classroom instruction must be facilitated through traditional methods, but also through online learning that includes discussion boards, video conferencing, and much more.

Northwood’s facilities must accommodate a great deal of flexibility and create an environment that is suitable to multiple instructional techniques and student needs. On top of that, our main residential campuses need to provide desirable housing, a safe environment, and amenities that serve a full complement of athletic and student clubs.

During the campaign $24,661,523 was raised to help us upgrade or build completely new capital projects. A new cafeteria exists to provide our students with more healthy options, upgraded academic facilities enhance the learning process, new athletic facilities help us compete at the highest levels, and new academic facilities will begin construction in 2015.

In the same way that Arthur Turner and Gary Stauffer set the stage for the creation of Northwood, the campaign and new capital projects are laying the foundation for Northwood’s continued success for the next 50 years.

Thank you to the Risk Takers and Believers.

“The Northwood Idea” is alive and thriving right now in large part due to the support of men and women throughout the world who made Northwood’s campaign not only successful – but historic.

Northwood does not accept direct state or federal funding, which means support from generous individuals is not only necessary, but critical to our educational efforts.

Your financial support is helping students right now learn from our respected faculty not only the tools to succeed in business… but also the key components of acting ethically and with integrity.

More than $73 million in new philanthropic gifts are at work to create new facilities, provide new scholarships, bolster academic programs, and create a stronger Northwood University. Your commitment excites an entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrates the positive influence of free enterprise, and inspires others to make a difference too.

The best two words are “thank you!” Without you it would be impossible to educate a new generation of leaders who understand the unique bond between business and liberty. By the standard you’ve set, and the education they receive, Northwood University students have the acumen to help usher forth a more prosperous future for everyone.