Lights, Camera, Action - Rhodni Skelton


He is a man of the Virgin Islands – both U.S. and British – who attributes much of his success to the foundation he received as a little league baseball player and the example set by his parents.

Rhodni Skelton earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Northwood University in 1997 and an MBA degree in Human Resources and Finance from Wright State University in 2006.

Today this universal Virgin Islander serves as the film commissioner for the BVI Tourist Board, where he is responsible for bringing film crews to the British Virgin Islands for television and movie shoots. He also has managed the BVI Events Marketing portfolio in this capacity.

Skelton sought out the technical knowledge to ensure he did the best possible job in his position, including becoming a certified international film commissioner.

“My undergraduate degree was in marketing and I wanted to enter a field where I could best use my knowledge and skills in a meaningful way,”

says Skelton, who jumped at the opportunity to enter the agency with the Film Commission.

Outside of work, Skelton is a devoted father of two, and attributes his drive and determination to his children, Taajah, 12, and Rhonni, 6, calling them his backbone and his heart, because they inspire him to never give up. “They are a constant reminder that I have much more to live for and they make me want to achieve my full potential, which is exactly what I want from them,” he reveals.