Nick Timko (Class of 2013)


“I am an Account Executive at Chevrolet Racing for Jack Morton Worldwide. Within this role, I am responsible for managing Chevrolet’s commercial presence at all Verizon IndyCar Series executive and consumer events across the United States.

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Some of my earliest memories in life were centered on a sporting event of some sort. To be honest, the world of sports, in general, is still one of the largest forms of global socialization that exists. So when I had the opportunity to make an impact on an industry of the sort, especially one that is desperate to attract new fans from my own generation, timing for my choice could not have been better. In the world of sports and entertainment, people can really get caught up in the wrong things.

My mission is to reach a certain level of success, just like most. However, ‘success’ in my book, will be only measured on how much of an impact I can have on helping others reach their own career or personal dreams; just as people have helped me. That will be ‘success’ to me.”