New Marketing Campaign Highlights Northwood University Value Proposition


The Northwood Brand. What do you think of when you hear that phrase - billboards along the freeway, advertisements on radio, television or internet?  If you answered “Yes,” you’re correct. And according to Bill Gagliardi, Associate Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Public Relations, Northwood University will continue utilizing those outlets in promoting the benefits of a Northwood education. Beginning August 1st Northwood initiated a new advertising campaign that includes alumni engagement.


“Our world is changing and the delivery of educational opportunities must be more flexible to meet the needs of working professionals, business owners, and prospective students; active military and veterans are also a bigger part of this dynamic.  Our new advertising campaign depicting transitional roles conveys specific messages on how our programs can blend with everyday life, helping students meet their educational goals,” stated Gagliardi.

“We want our constituents to know there’s value, pride and a great return-on-investment with a Northwood University education,” he continued, “in fact, some of our graduates have multiple job offers prior to graduation, as well internships; there’s a high percentage of alums working in positions that match their degree concentration with incomes to match.”

In addition to traditional media outlets, Gagliardi stated, “Our alums continue to be a significant resource in telling others about their degree from Northwood. There’s no better advertising than successful alums sharing their experience.  These endorsements change the information dynamic where prospective students are ‘asking’ about NU to that of alums ‘telling’ them how their Northwood Education became a life changing experience.”

In closing, Gagliardi said, “Northwood University is unique among universities. We are dedicated to preserving the ideals of freedom, individual responsibility, private property, and limited government through higher education. Graduates of Northwood are a community of individuals who believe ethical business is a point of pride for this nation, exemplifying our Code of Ethics which is: freedom, respect, empathy, spirituality, honesty, achievement, integrity and responsibility.”