Lauren Deneweth (Class of 2013)


“I went through a lot of different sport avenues before I found my way to the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC). I interned for the Dow Graduate Program as well as the Red Bull Graduate program and made it to the final round for both, but got denied for both positions. And if that wasn’t enough, I interviewed for an internship at the USOC and got turned down again.

Just when I felt like I had totally run out of options, my contact that I had interviews with at the USOC offered to refer me to another internship that I had applied for at US Track & Field. Thanks to her, I finally landed an internship out of school. Being a runner, I knew T&F would be a good fit, and I ended up loving it. Interning for a National Governing Body was great because they have a small staff where you really get to own more of your own projects, even as an intern.

Where there weren’t any opening and time for my internship to end, I had kept in touch with my contact at the USOC and they hired me as their fall intern. From there, I had amazing experiences going to New York to help put on the “100 Days Out from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games” even in New York city, as well as helping with the annual SportsLink conference where all of the NGBs come in and meet with each other and hear about the state of the USOC.

Before my internship was over, an administrative assistant position became available in Partnership Marketing. It was a phenomenal feeling when I was accepted. I enjoy managing relationships and working in marketing, so being in the department where I can grow to hold my own partner accounts and one day manage our sponsor relationship was right up my alley. I finally found where I was meant to be.”