Jon Montgomery Hosts Amazing Race Canada


As the second season of The Amazing Race Canada airs, host and Northwood alumnus Jon Montgomery reflects on his accomplishments and goals since winning the Gold for Canada in the Men’s skeleton race of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, B.C.


In 2013, the first season of The Amazing Race Canada was Canada’s most-watched TV series with over 3.5 million viewers. Do you think you will top that this year?

It’s the highest-rated TV show in Canadian history, US- or Canadian-produced. The only thing that brings in [more] viewers are live sporting events like the Olympic hockey games. I think we’ll be hard-pressed to match last year’s numbers. Even if we are close to the rating from last summer, I think producers and advertisers will be thrilled.

Although you did not qualify for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, you have a strong competitive spirit and seem to surround yourself with others who do. Your wife, Darla Deschamps, is also an award-winning skeleton racer and now you’re working with teams competing for a half-a-million dollar prize. Do you ever get to relax? And if so, what’s your favorite pastime?

I have not had the time to relax since the end of the skeleton season, but when I do, I enjoy stand-up paddling and golfing. I’ve not had the opportunity to get into fishing yet, but since we are now Victoria-based, I think I should look into getting a fly or two... A rod might not hurt either!


Besides being an athlete, you’ve been an auctioneer, a motivational speaker and a television host. Have you settled into a career yet? Would you like to continue being a television personality, or should we expect to see you elsewhere in the future?

I wouldn’t be surprised if I got into some other things along the journey, but I am really enjoying what I’m presently busy with.  Today, I am shooting a cameo in Corner Gas: The Movie. There are so many fun opportunities to be a part of, but I’m still business-minded and would like to get back into that world again in some capacity.

What advice do you have for graduates in the Entertainment, Sport, & Promotion Management program who would like to become the host of an award-winning television show? 

Connect with people who are doing what you want to do and pick their brains. Ask lots of questions. Begin to look at your life not in terms of what you hope will happen, but plan for what you want to happen and make moves to head in that direction. You’ll be better equipped and able to react when opportunities and situations present themselves. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!

You’ve worked with several different charitable organizations, one of which is Ducks Unlimited Canada. What makes them your “charity of choice” and why do you think it is so important to give back?

My wife and I have been a part of a number of great charities. Our two main areas of focus are getting kids off the sidelines and into sports; and preserving Canada’s natural spaces for future generations. We feel it’s important to give back and help others discover the power of sport in their lives and appreciate some of the things our amazing country offers!


- Nikki Gonzalez

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