Northwood Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week


Northwood University participated with business students and entrepreneurs across the world to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 18-22, 2013. Individuals were encouraged to generate new ideas and seek diverse, better ways of living – by developing or reengineering new businesses and/or products. For the third consecutive year, Northwood University has joined the initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination, and creativity by giving them an opportunity to turn their dreams into reality. Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.07.17 PM

System-wide, across all three NU campuses, there were a variety of events fueling the free enterprise and entrepreneurial fire. One of these events was a roundtable discussion, where a hand selected group of students and local entrepreneurs collaborated, via virtual classroom, with other local students and entrepreneurs from each of our residential campuses: Florida, Michigan, and Texas.

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The Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity & Enterprise focuses on the crafting, planning of businesses, and sponsored the system-wide entrepreneurial events. Regardless of major, students are encouraged to develop unique ideas and are given opportunities to lead, manage, and grow their business while in school. Global Entrepreneurship Week mixes all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey into the souls of our students.

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Supported by the generosity of the Bauervic Foundation, the Center for Creativity and Enterprise, hosted their 5th Annual Pitch Competition. In this contest, young student entrepreneurs battle for their share of a $5,000 prize to advance their business. Of the 17 students who entered, the winners were: 1st place: MI Gardner, 2nd place: Michigan BBQ Cleaners, and 3rd place: Marshmallow Para-Shooters.

NU also hosted a Family Enterprise Forum open to the public. The special guests shared their unique stories, challenges, and successes in their family businesses with the students of Northwood University and several family enterprise participants from the region who either came to the forum in person or watched the presentation via a live video broadcast.


The West Palm Beach, Florida campus kicked off Global Entrepreneurship Week by participating in a community based Startup Weekend; a three day intensive business development cycle, built to breathe life to ideas through mentorship from industry leaders and volunteers.

In addition to the WPB Startup Weekend, the FL campus hosted an entrepreneurial roundtable luncheon with guest entrepreneur Freddie Laker, CEO and founder of Guide. Mr. Laker has spearheaded many diverse companies, and Northwood Florida was proud to honor him at the luncheon and invited NU students to hear his entrepreneurial story and startup advice.


The Texas campus announced their first entrepreneur in residence, Robert Hopkins. He will be involved with mentoring entrepreneurial students on the campus along with overseeing the entrepreneurial events and programs.

Guest Entrepreneurs Ugo Ginatta, founder and CEO of Pacuigo Gelato, and Don Wilks, founder and president of Global Community for Education, were invited to tell NU students their unique entrepreneurial stories.

The 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week has been a success­—across all three campuses of Northwood University. If you would like to participate in future entrepreneurial endeavors, please contact Georgia Abbott, MBA at or (989) 837-4479.

- Northwood junior, Nicholas Langlois