Northwood University Texas Students, Staff, Alumni & Friends Cross Over


This year the Northwood University Texas campus enjoyed its 10th Annual Crossing Over celebration that included a Knight Pride lunch, a residence hall decorating contest, an alumni baseball game, and the announcement of our homecoming king and queen just prior to our evening Crossing Over ceremony.    Abby Babbitt, Director of Leadership and Character Development, explained the development of this years’ event, “Being the 10th Annual Crossing Over, we really wanted to capture the tradition of the event; having an actual ‘Great Feast’ fit for a knight and décor that fit the entire theme.  We also wanted to create an atmosphere for alumni that not only showed them how the event has grown, but one that reminded them of their wonderful times here at Northwood. We placed past pictures on the dinner tables, so alumni could reminisce. We accented our new campus improvements such as our new Lambert Porch and our Knights’ Park Fire Pit.  Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere; sharing memories and supporting this amazing campus tradition.”

“The 10th annual ceremony will be one that will have a special place in the history of the event. Amid all of the opportunities that could have occurred, because of the severe weather that came in right as we were supposed to cross over, we hosted an event that was fitting to honor a legacy and tradition. I am proud of the efforts Abby Babbitt and Shane Hill made planning and coordinating the event, as well as Celeste Lindell and Maribel Deleon, from our alumni council. The event would have been a much different experience were it not for the understanding and willingness of so many people to come together to make that event what it was,” said Mike Anguiano, Dean of Students.

One of our seniors, Natasha Norman, shared her thoughts about this year’s Crossing Over celebration, “In my time at Northwood, it was the most fun and memorable event I have ever attended, even considering the weather.”  With over 1,600 Knights that have crossed over to date, even the rain could not stop the ceremony from being a success.

- Julie Felske