Financial Knight Owns the Entrepreneurial Spirit


Tyler McGowan, business owner, Executive Pastor of Administration for Ethos Church, Resident Assistant, and Northwood Royal Ambassador has a passion for learning.  McGowan is currently enrolled in the accelerated BBA/MBA program at Northwood University Texas campus working towards his degree in marketing with a concentration in finance and international business.  While walking the campus of Northwood University, Tyler began formulating a strategy to one day run his own business.  A classmate approached him and asked if he would like to go into business with him and he agreed.  They began to prepare a business plan, however after a semester Tyler realized he wanted the business to go in another direction and they parted ways.

Tyler is now the president and owner of Central Consulting Enterprise (CCE) which provides marketing consulting and strategy for small businesses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. From web design, strategy, and management CCE helps small businesses achieve their marketing goals.

“As a consultant I’ll offer advice, and if they want to take it, then they’ll take it. Some businesses are really stern on their objectives,” explained Tyler.

He shared that he recommends businesses use Cisco Web X. LinkedIn is also the classic business answer depending on what type of business it is. He also suggests beginning with a Twitter account or a Facebook page depending on the type of business and their objectives.

Tyler McGowan is also the executive pastor of administration for Ethos Church in Seabrook, Texas in his hometown. Technology is a saving grace for Tyler. When he does not have time to drive home, he often hosts Skype conference calls with his associates at the church.

Tyler admits he likes working odd hours such as 10:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m. “I enjoy the schedule even if it’s hectic and I’m falling asleep on the computer. My day usually begins at 7:00 a.m. with classes.  I enjoy studying business material,” said Tyler.

He acknowledges that in his first year he was not involved in extracurricular activities while he was adjusting to taking 19 credit hours.  This semester Tyler is happy to be a Resident Assistant and a Northwood Royal Ambassador.

Shane Hill, Resident Director of Housing and Security, stated, “he sees a leader in Tyler.”

Tyler was introduced to the Northwood University Texas campus, where he found his passion for business.  He had the opportunity to meet Northwood University alumnus Josh Shankle, who introduced him to Northwood while he was attending a DECA conference.

“I could choose any college, that wasn’t a problem, but what sold me from Josh’s perspective was how he loved the small school atmosphere. It meant a lot to me in my decision-making process. That’s where we connected. It’s a small and close community. I really liked the campus it was like a home away from home,” said Tyler.

McGowan is currently enrolled in the accelerated BBA/MBA program at Northwood University. The Northwood University Four Year BBA/MBA program is an intensive program of study that allows high-achieving, focused students to complete their Bachelor of Business Administration degree in three years and their Master of Business Administration degree in one additional year.

“I’m excited to be in the accelerated program.  Believe it or not, I still want to go back. I like learning. How cool is it to always have an objective,” expressed McGowan.

Prof. Sabine Adams echoed the words of many at Northwood University by saying, “Tyler is a wonderful example of a Northwood University Knight whose active participation in the classroom is a clear barometer of active involvement in career development. Our outstanding Knights are keenly aware that they need to own the experience in college by maximizing involvement in the classroom and developing an entrepreneurial spirit even before graduation.  I’m proud that he represents the Northwood Finance department students and I believe his success, starting so early already, will continue to be remarkable.”

- Monica Hurtado