Northwood Alumni Program – Five Year Strategic Plan


The Northwood University Alumni Leadership Council determined that it is critical to the organization that an organized and documented strategic plan is necessary to achieve the goals and objectives for the department.  A five year strategic plan was approved in the fall of 2012 and implementation began immediately.  The plan attempts to assess information, draw substantiated conclusions, and articulate appropriate goals for the growth of the alumni program.  The plan integrates survey data, historic information, and measures for success in the strategic planning format preferred by Northwood University.  Many of the conclusions drawn are based on multiple questions and responses from the alumni survey conducted in the spring of 2012.  The results of the survey are broad strokes and conclusions to drive decision making for the alumni program. Northwood contracted with PEG to administer an “Alumni Attitude Survey” to understand what our alumni’s expectations, needs, and wants are. The survey results are based on over 1,400 responses from all campuses and eras. The survey covered various aspects of our alumni opinions and experiences.  Special attention was given to gaining an understanding of the alumni opinion concerning the philosophy of Northwood, The Northwood Idea, and their feelings about entrepreneurship.  An attempt was made to assess the alumni about their overall experience as students and their desires for the specific needs from the alumni office.  This is the first time in the alumni program where a high-level survey directed at specifically engaging alumni was administered to create a strategic vision for the program.  This survey is being used to set a foundation for decision making in developing activity for the alumni office.  It is our compass in targeting the next five years of alumni interaction and engagement.

The survey results highlighted the following areas of focus.  

These themes comprise the basic foundation for building the alumni program. 


We will continue to share more in-depth details with you regarding the Northwood Alumni Strategic Plan in the next few issues of this magazine. The Strategic Plan will also be featured on the Northwood alumni website for all alumni to view.  We are excited for the future of the Northwood Alumni Network and we hope you are too!

- Julie Felske, Class of 2001 • Executive Director of Alumni Relations • Northwood University