Faculty Briefs


[symple_column size="one-sixth" position="first"]Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 11.13.14 PM [/symple_column] Susan K. Dennett, adjunct professor, Management, Florida campus, recently passed her comprehensive exams and was admitted to candidacy for her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Research Methodology.  She begins her research on the international comparison of variances within critical thinking skills.


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Dr. Mia Dvornic, director of the NU Gallery, professor of Cultural Anthropology, Michigan, presented a paper entitled, “In Between: Culture of Dress  between the East and the West,” at the 64th Annual Conference of the International Council of Museums held at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, Serbia in October 2012.


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Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, adjunct professor, Florida campus, has authored a monograph dealing with International Development and Security in Southeast Asia titled “The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): Conflict and Development” which was published by New Century Publications in 2012. His two most recent articles “The Parable of the Tribes: Identity and Conflict” and “Japanese Animation as a Global Product: The Lingering Traces of Nijonjinron and the Rise of Globalism and Hybridity” were published in the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences and in the History & Social Sciences respectively. Dr. von Feigenblatt is currently co-editing a volume dealing with Popular Culture to be published in 2013 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the United Kingdom. In order to complement his background in Sociology and Political Science, Dr. von Feigenblatt is currently pursuing an M.S. in Psychology at Lynn University. 

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Dr. André Lee, DPA, FACHE, adjunct professor, ADP Michigan, was named the 2012 MHEGA (Midwest Healthcare Executives Group & Associates) Award of Chapter Merit Recipient in recognition of his delivery of high-quality services to ACHE (the American College of Health Care Executives) affiliates on November 29. He was also invited to serve as the commencement speaker Webster College in Louisville, Kentucky on December 15. 

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Brent L. Lloyd, adjunct professor, Humanities and Social Sciences, Florida campus, was interviewed by the local CBS News affiliate on Channel 12 concerning the attack on the American diplomatic mission at Benghazi in Libya where U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed and ten others were injured. He condemned the attack and the extremists who are the suspected perpetrators. He attended the Outstanding Business Leader Awards Forum at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, January 25 where one of the honorees was Jim Koons, Northwood University Alumni ‘73.  Mr. Koons and his family were clients of Mr. Lloyd when he was VP of Investments at Winthrop Securities earlier in his career in Washington, DC. Mr. Lloyd was awarded an M.A. in the History of Ideas from The Johns Hopkins University. In addition, he is a graduate of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville holding a Master of Education in Social Studies.

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Karen L. McGuire, adjunct instructor, Accounting, ADP Michigan, continues work in the educational development and teaching of the ACC 2410 and ACC 2415 courses. She maintains temporary full-time teaching status at Mid Michigan Community College and holds the distinction of Professor Emerita, Accounting. Ms. McGuire attended the Trends in Occupational Education in Traverse City, Mich. in the fall of 2012, as well as the Educational Technology Organization of Michigan conference at Northwood University. In the recent past she also served as the ADP representative of the NU Accounting Program Review Committee along with representatives from the NU Traditional campuses in Texas, Florida, and Michigan. 

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Phillip Palajac, adjunct professor, ADP Michigan, works for Chrysler LLC in the Network Development & Fleet Organization.  Over the past five years, he has helped optimize Chrysler’s dealer network by performing a multitude of tasks, including calculating the dealer planning potential and dealer Minimum Sales Responsibility (MSR). Moreover, he also has global responsibilities, where he is a senior specialist overseeing Chrysler’s International Dealer Agreement Systems & Processes.

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Dr. Ed Moore, chair of International Business and Management, Florida campus, presented a paper written by him and Dr. Pesi Amaria, “The Continuing Backwardness of Eastern Europe and Ongoing Search for Institutional Answers,” at The Finance, Economics, and Global Research Conference held in Miami, Fla. Dr. Moore co-chaired the afternoon conference session. This is a continuation of Dr. Moore’s research into the institutional causes of the sallow economic growth of the old communist countries of Eastern Europe. Future research will attempt to link the existing institutions with neo-classical economic growth variables. In addition, Dr. Moore has been internationally published and has presented academic works in the United States and Europe. His primary research interests are institutional economics and economic development of developing and transitional economies, especially in the Eastern European economies.

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Dr. Tara Peters, associate professor, DeVos Graduate School, Texas campus, attended the Region 6 Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs Conference (ACBSP) in November 2012 in Oklahoma City and led a session entitled, “The Classroom As Cinema:  Using Movies to Teach Sustainability.”  In addition, she facilitated Corporate Leadership Series Presentations on change management and effectual leadership behaviors for Allstate Insurance and TXU Electric during the fall semester. During the launch of the Texas Capital Campaign in December 2012, she was selected as the faculty representative for media events to highlight key elements of the Northwood experience and the accomplishments of DeVos graduates.  She was interviewed by Southwest Now Magazine for the January 2013 edition to share her perspective on the benefits of a DeVos MBA and the unique program features that help to distinguish our graduates.

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Dr. Janice Scarinci, professor and chair, Hospitality Management, Florida campus, partnered with Admissions and Career Services departments last fall to develop the Florida campus’s Annual Hospitality Career and College Day.  There were 230 high school students in attendance from three local Hospitality Magnet Programs in Palm Beach County. Additionally, Dr. Scarinci was invited to present to over 250 high school students at the 7th Annual Hospitality Student Tourism & Hospitality Conference at PGA National.  Her Hospitality Management students were awarded scholarships at the Palm Beach County Hotel & Lodging Association Presidents Luncheon.

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Robin Alderman Zide, adjunct professor, Mathematics, Florida campus, is completing a doctoral degree (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership at Nova Southeastern University with a dissertation entitled, Positive Psychology and Algebraic Applications:  An Evaluation of Mathematical Achievements in College Algebra.  She is a published author of three books titled Frontier Love:  A Poet’s Private Journal, Kaleidoscope Focus: A Happiness Workbook, and Algebra 160 Course Companion Packet.  Her next book will be published June 2013 titled Authentic Life.  All books are mathematically based except the book of poems which is rhythmic in nature.